The Celebration Continues…

The birthday festivities concluded this weekend with one last hoorah. Some of my closest friends and my crazy-fun auntie came out to celebrate with me. I can say without a doubt that it was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had! We whooped it up and ate some delicious mexican food which may have or may not have included a few delicious margaritas ;) I’m so blessed to have amazing friends and family in my life and I thank God for the joy they bring into my life. It was also the perfect occasion to wear a sequin dress– that doesn’t happen too often with my almost non-existent social calender! I hope your weekend was as much fun as mine!


spring fever.

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It’s about time I jump back into the blogging routine after my temporary hiatus! Oh, how i’ve missed having a sense of normalcy. Since returning from Greece and Turkey, I have thoroughly immersed myself into American culture. I devoured every magazine in site, ate a big fat cheeseburger and lounged around in my PJ’s. It was pretty perfect while it lasted!  I’m now back in the swing of school and very happy to be reunited with my pals. For the first time in my college career, I’m loving all of the classes that I’m taking and truly finding my “niche”. It makes school somewhat enjoyable when I’m learning about things I’m passionate about! 

Solomon 2:11-12:
“For the winter is passed. The rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up. And the time of the singing of the birds has come.”

By the time February rolls around, Spring Fever has typically taken over me. Not that I don’t love winter, but there’s something to be said for the magic of spring. What a metaphor it is for our faith. I truly believe that when we are in God’s will, He is constantly shaping and molding us into the people he created us to be. We may be in the “dead of winter” in our lives and feeling like there is no hope… but Spring always comes. We need to look with expectation towards the joy that will come from our lives in Christ, and not get stuck in our pessimistic ways. The birds of spring will come again! XOXO

2 0 1 2.

It seems like the older I get, the faster time flies. 2011 was a stellar year filled with lots of adventures, but I’m more than ready to transition into twenty-twelve. I’m not normally big on making New Years resolutions, mostly because I end up forgetting about them by the time February rolls around. But this year I want my resolutions to stick, so I’m putting them on here as a way to hold myself accountable. I encourage you to do the same, whether it’s telling your mom or your best friend. If you want changes to stick, a support system is a sure way to help you! I’m kicking 2012 off by studying abroad in Greece and Turkey for 3 weeks, and I couldn’t be more excited. The countdown is officially at 3 days! Happy New Years everyone!

Keep on Giving

Merry Christmas everyone! I am finally home from College and thoroughly enjoying my break from the chaos of school:) I hope that you are finding joy and peace this Holiday season. Here’s what has been on my mind lately…

Giving is one of my favorite things to do. I love to watch my friends and family open their presents that I have often times hand crafted or meticulously picked out. My problem with giving is that I often feel entitled to something in return. It’s not that I expect a lavish gift: the basis of my entitlement is grounded in appreciation. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, especially when you go out of your way to do something kind for a friend. When your gift or act of kindness goes unnoticed, it can be easy to question why you even gave in the first place. But what God has really been showing me this week is that it doesn’t matter if our gifts are noticed, because HE knows our heart. I want to bless the socks off my friends and family without feeling like I deserve anything in return. I would rather have God bless me over anyone on earth anyways, and I know for a fact that He honors us when we step out boldly in love and bless His people. 

I encourage you to reflect on the sometimes hard-to-swallow fact that it’s not about us. Not the Christmas season, or even this life for that matter. We are called to something so much greater. As Christmas quickly approaches, my desire is to stop worrying about what I need and start focusing on how I can love. Showing the love of Jesus to people is the greatest honor we have on this Earth. After all, He gave the most perfect gift ever, and we can never out-give him. Remember the reason for the season!