Door County Pt. I

Door County has proved to be every bit as charming as it’s cracked up to be. We’ve been exploring the Peninsula from top to bottom and have found that it will be necessary to come back soon, hopefully when the leaves are turning this fall. Quaint Inns and lighthouses dot the miles of shoreline, and make it just about the perfect place to enjoy a quick little vacation. More photos and adventures to come :)

Every Summer Needs a Road Trip.

Images courtesy of Wayfare
Come morning, Mama Deb and I will be on the open road. Just two girls, way too many shoes and no real agenda in mind. Since neither of us have ventured to Door County, Wisconsin before, we thought it would be the perfect destination for a quick mother-daughter getaway. Apparently it’s a little gold mine full of shopping, wineries, beaches and lighthouses. Sounds pretty dang good to me.

A Weekend on Maxson Island.

The Maxson’s are the type of people that are always fun to be around. We had a blast with them in Florida, and this weekend was no different. I look forward to anytime I get to hangout with their sweet girls, Lydia and Abby. They are the little sisters that I never had :) My parents and I spent the weekend at the Maxson’s lake home, which happens to be on an Island. 15 acres of pristine wilderness and cozy log cabins made the perfect setting for fun times on the lake. It was easily the highlight of my summer so far. Thank you Chris & Em for a wonderful weekend! ♥

Happy Birthday Amurica

Spending the week of the 4th at the cabin with my family has been a tradition since I was a little girl. I look forward to it all summer long, and when it finally comes along it has a way of flying by before my eyes blink. With one more weekend left before it’s back to reality, I’m trying my hardest to soak up every ray of sun and make as many memories as I can.  Although our Independence Day was cut a little short by torrential downpours, it couldn’t have been better. I’m so grateful to live in a country where I’m free to worship God and grow up happy and healthy. Happy Birthday Amurica♥ 

Diary of a Workin’ Girl

Last week was one of the craziest weeks of my life. My internship for a Minneapolis ad agency is in full swing, and I spent last week on location for a photo shoot in northern Minnesota. 20-hour days kept our team very busy, but it was honestly one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. It’s crazy how much life has changed from even a year ago. I’m seeing things unfold in myself that I didn’t think I was ready for, but I’m so thankful God is preparing me for this next chapter in my life.
I’m ready to move on from college and step into the workforce with all that I am. I saw firsthand last week  that if you give something all you have, you will reap the benefits. Hard work is the key to attaining anything in life; we all know that. Experiencing that principle for myself outside of my parent’s business was so rewarding for me. 
I get butterflies when I think about my future and what exactly it entails. I may not know where I’ll be or what company i’ll be working for, but I know that God has created me for a purpose…first and foremost, to bring his name glory. I pray that wherever I end up, my actions and words will be a reflection of our king.