Winter X-Games 13

Carlson Motorsports traveled to Aspen this weekend for the Winter X-Games in support of our Swedish rider, Johan Lidman.  I fall in love with the mountain town a little bit more every time we go, and have given serious thought to packing up and moving there after graduation. Although Johan didn’t medal, he rode like a champion and made us all proud! I can’t wait for the day I get to cheer on my brother on the biggest stage our sport knows. For the next few months, we’ll be crazy busy traveling to the remaining races of the season. 
Action sports are dangerous; something that my family knows all too well. A fellow snowmobiler attempting a trick over the weekend was seriously hurt and is fighting for his life. Please lift up Caleb Moore and his family in prayer! Sometimes it takes something like this to remind us just how fragile life is. 

And So It Begins…

For most of my life, Thanksgiving has always coincided with Snocross. We host Thanksgiving annually Wednesday evening in eager anticipation of the trek to Duluth the following day for the kickoff of the race season. Things have changed over the years in many ways. Growing up, racing was a family affair with my dad, my brother and I all competing, with my mom cheering from the sidelines as our coach and number-one fan. Eventually, my dad and I succumbed to retirement and left the racing to my brother. My dad chose to leave while he was on top ;) and I left the sport I loved after a major knee injury.

Now days, my brother is now a Pro-lite rider and things are much more “professional.” It’s amazing seeing how much my brother has progressed and where our team is today, but sometimes I miss our little family racing out of a small trailer pulled behind my dad’s pickup. We are a competitive family through and through, and racing has brought so much togetherness, friendship and joy to my life. This Thanksgiving, it’s what I’m thankful for.  I pray for God’s provision and safety not only for our team this season, but for all the families and teams that travel around the country in pursuit of victory on the track. Ultimately, I pray that Carlson Motorsports would be fiercely competitive on the track, but more importantly, a light in a sport that needs Jesus.

I hope your thanksgiving was everything you hoped for!

Over The Weekend: TORC Trucks

Top photo by Mike Roth
This weekend we big-rigged it to to the U.P. (two times in one month, wholy shmoley) for the Traxxas TORC series race in Bark River, Michigan. There’s no question that through and through, my family is a little obsessed with motor sports. We’ve been racing snowmobiles since my brother and I were 4 and 6, and we fill our need for speed in the summer through various forms of motor sports. 

TORC trucks are just about the coolest things on the planet.  I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years my brother himself was driving one. Over the years, racing has been such a huge part of my family’s life. It’s allowed us to be together almost every weekend in the winter for as long as I can remember. The memories that we’ve created at the track and the families that we’ve met along the way are irreplaceable. I pray that someday I can raise some motor heads that love racing as much as I do :)