Pinning Lately: Hints of Summer

Having to come up with fresh content for 2 blogs is definitely proving to be a challenge, but my creative spark is always fueled by those I follow on Pinterest and Dribbble. This moodboard is a reflection of my yearning for summer days– filled with sunshine and all the colors that come with warmer weather. We’re in the midst of an endless winter here in Minny, and are still getting snowed on… in the middle of April. I’m praying that It will all be over soon and very soon!

Hope you had a great weekend!



Re-design Moodboard: Cream + Black

Hi there!

Hope you had a great weekend! I’ve been fully submersing myself into all things Spitfiregirl, which hasn’t left a whole lot of free time for my first love– this here blog. I have, however, made the decision to switch from blogger to WordPress.  I’m taking careful thought as to how I want the new design to be…. understated, clean, and elegant; much like this little moodboard! Stay tuned for the re-launch, and bare with me and my sporadic posting :)



 images from Pinterest

Moodboard: February

Spring may be a distant and foreign concept to many of us here in the Midwest suffering through winter, but that hasn’t stopped my mind from drifting to warmer days filled with dresses and open-toed shoes. 
This moodboard is happy, fun, and full of my favorite colors. I’d seriously like to get my hands on that Madewell Jacket and Kate Spade jewelry, but these days my college kid budget is a lot more Target-friendly :) 
Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Melancholy Molly

Currently listening: 
1. Re: Stacks – Bon Iver 
2. After the Storm- Mumford & Sons
3. As Much As I Ever Could-  City and Colour
4. Goodbye in Her Eyes- Zac Brown Band
5. Stones Under Rushing Water- NEEDTOBREATHE
6. Timshel- Mumford & Sons
7. Poison & Wine- The Civil Wars
8. Learn to Love- NEEDTOBREATHE

I’ve been a bit of a  Melancholy Molly this week. Give me a good cup of coffee and some Mumford, and I swear it will cure just about anything. I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that I head back to Bethel in a few weeks for my senior year of college. How did that happen? Didn’t I just graduate from High School? People say college flies by, but until you’re standing on the other side you don’t realize what they’re talking about. 

I’ve been praying so much that God would help me to live in the moment. I don’t want to wish my summer away. I don’t want to wish this school year away. Because at the end of the day, tomorrow isn’t promised. That was a harsh reminder to me this week. There are people all around us dealing with terrible illness and loss, and we never know when our time will come. I’m so guilty of getting wrapped up in the busyness of life without slowing down to think about the gravity of our situation. Life isn’t eternal. Heaven is. I want to love each day, and put my faith first and foremost, however hard that may be. Getting swallowed up in the busyness of life doesn’t leave much room for God. 

Lord, help me live more simply, keeping my focus on you.