Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Loving yourself: Sometimes it is easier said than done. This world that we live in has a way of altering our perceptions. We’re never pretty enough, thin enough, or content with what God has given us. I’ve struggled with this my whole life and I finally feel the grips of insecurity loosening their hold. We are wonderfully and fearfully made. What does that mean? God doesn’t make mistakes… we are exactly who He wanted us to be. Have complete confidence in the fact that you couldn’t be more loved by your heavenly father. He has a mighty plan and a purpose for your life.

Sometimes the road before us can seem overwhelming. I am a planner, and the fact that I don’t know exactly what I want to do when I grow up can be really scary sometimes. Jeremiah 29:11 is a verse that I often cling to, but I’ve recently come to to the conclusion that fully believing in what that verse proclaims means that I need to let go and have faith. Why should I worry about what my future career looks like when the God of the universe not only has control, but he also knows the desires of my heart. My job is to be in constant pursuit of Him. Only then will I find fulfillment and meaning.

Check out this awesome article from N.E.E.T Magazine:

So don’t worry about what your future holds… You are a beautifully crafted and loved. And boy does God have a plan for you :)

Keep seeking Him!
Love, Genevieve