Dorm Room Chic

Distressed Turquoise Dresser:  From my Mamma. Green Vase-: Target. Peacock feathers:  Antique Shop. B&W Canister: Missoni for Target. 

Hello loves! I hope all of you are enjoying the beginnings of fall :) I’ve been at school for 3 weeks already,  it’s crazy how fast time flies!  Slowly but surely, my roomies and I have been making our apartment feel like home. Thanks to some furniture from my mamma and some Target and Ikea runs, I think we’ve put together a pretty chic room! I’m loving having my own kitchen, even though I set the fire alarm off on the first night (not giving my roommates the best impression of my mad cooking skills.) I’ve learned that you don’t have to go out and buy all new furniture and accessories to fill a room. By no means because you’re in college does it mean you have to have a fugly room!   By using things you have at home and some bargain shopping, you can transfrom your space into Dorm Room Chic :) Until next time…

Sun Dial Mirror: Target. Birds: Umbra (Target)  Flowers: Umbra (Target). Home is Where You Are: Urban Outfitters. 

B&W Pillow: Ikea. Flower Pillow-:Target. 

I love a good coffee table book! This one’s a keeper.