Burnt Chicken, Fire Trucks & Faceplants

Sometimes I think my life is the script from a not-so-hilarious sitcom. Yesterday was just another awkward and awesome day in the life of Taylor. I decided to be adventurous and make some baked chicken for dinner, sounds perfectly harmless right? Now, I’m going to blame the $200 dollar dorm room oven for the series of unfortunate events that followed, but my roommates might claim differently. A little smoke started to come out the oven half way through the baking process, perfectly normal right? At least that’s what I thought. (I am a newbie with this cooking stuff!) I checked the chicken and it was not burnt in the least bit. Pretty soon the fire alarms are going off in our room, and then… the WHOLE apartment building. I thought it was just a fire drill until the security officer stormed into our room. “Dude, it’s just a little smoke?” Then to my sheer horror, the sound of two fire trucks echoed on campus. There were a lot of awkward looks from my fellow apartment-mates. I’m just going to take this time to formally apologize for interrupting your Monday night!  So the fireman came, put some fans in our hallway and then left. Two fire trucks for a little smoke? Seems a little excessive to me. Not only will I NEVER be using that oven again but I’m afraid to do any sort of cooking.

My Tweet literally 20 minutes before the fire trucks came: “Making baked chicken and some yummy salad… you can call me Betty Crocker! #AttemptingToCook” God has a funny sense of humor!

Now onto part 2 of my Monday… 
As if my earlier adventure wasn’t enough, I managed to fall down the steps in front of my apartment in front of A LOT of people. Not okay. Especially when there’s an attractive man that witnessed the whole encounter. I think 15 people ran over to make sure I was okay. “Yes people I’m fine, I’m just awkward and clumsy.” Two stairs? Who falls down two stairs? It was pretty much like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8XlmTJkZNE  (One of my favorite YouTube videos of all time) 

I hope you had a better Monday than I did! I’ve learned to laugh at myself and embrace my awkwardness :) Not everyone can be coordinated. 


In the Midst of Stressiness

For all of you college students out there, I don’t know about you, but it always seems like teachers collaborate and make everything due during the same short time frame. Talk about stress. This week God has really been showing me that he is BIGGER than our miniscule problems. We can choose to use the situation we’re in to glorify God. I want to glorify Him through my college experience. I want to do everything I do while I’m here to bring Glory to God, whether that’s studying harder or having a good attitude about school in general. I want  to walk across that stage at graduation knowing that I did my very best! And how wonderful it will feel to have that diploma in my hand! Whooohooo. Anyhoo… we all face trials in our lives. Whether it’s school, work, family or relationship issues, God knows our pain and he Loves us so incredibly much that all we have to do is call on him. When I was at my boiling point with my stress level yesterday I did two things: 1) Called up my beautiful mama to vent and 2) Went on a Jesus walk. I blasted my Jesus beats and huffed and puffed till I felt better.  It’s the only thing that works for me! :) I hope that everyone has a stress-free weekend. God is good all the time! 

Dorm Room Chic

Distressed Turquoise Dresser:  From my Mamma. Green Vase-: Target. Peacock feathers:  Antique Shop. B&W Canister: Missoni for Target. 

Hello loves! I hope all of you are enjoying the beginnings of fall :) I’ve been at school for 3 weeks already,  it’s crazy how fast time flies!  Slowly but surely, my roomies and I have been making our apartment feel like home. Thanks to some furniture from my mamma and some Target and Ikea runs, I think we’ve put together a pretty chic room! I’m loving having my own kitchen, even though I set the fire alarm off on the first night (not giving my roommates the best impression of my mad cooking skills.) I’ve learned that you don’t have to go out and buy all new furniture and accessories to fill a room. By no means because you’re in college does it mean you have to have a fugly room!   By using things you have at home and some bargain shopping, you can transfrom your space into Dorm Room Chic :) Until next time…

Sun Dial Mirror: Target. Birds: Umbra (Target)  Flowers: Umbra (Target). Home is Where You Are: Urban Outfitters. 

B&W Pillow: Ikea. Flower Pillow-:Target. 

I love a good coffee table book! This one’s a keeper. 

A Girl Named Ella

Meet Ella. She’s the sweetest baby girl I know. Her eyes are enticing and her smile gets me every time! Ella’s family stayed at our cabin over Labor Day weekend and I got to snap some shots of the blue-eyed beauty. Her brother, Matthew also got to surf for the first time! Exciting stuff. Hope everyone had a blessed weekend.

Tubbies in the Sink are the Best!

Snapshot of my Summer

What a beautiful summer it has been. Part of me is incredibly sad that another summer has dwindled away, but I know that soon a colorful fall will be upon  us! (Not to mention Pumpkin flavored everything, comfy sweaters and boots…. oh boy!) Over the past 3 months I feel like God has really been tugging at my heart and helping me focus on what my priorities should be.  Instead of spending all of my time on Facebook this summer, I tried my darndest to do productive things. I spent more time in the Word, carried my camera around more and found a new love… Pinterest :) Now I don’t know if it’s what you would call productive, but it sure got my creative juices flowing! If you are in need of ideas for anything… decorating, a good recipe, fashion inspiration and even scripture, look no further! Be forewarned, it’s insanely addicting.  Any whooo… I had a wonderful summer with my friends and family, spending time at our Lake Home in northern Minnesota and filling my summer days with as many adventures as possible :) Here are some snapshots of my favorite summer 2011 memories.  
Love, Genevieve
Fishing with my best fwiend :)

An Intense Tubing Sesh On Clear Lake

My sweet puppy Gunner boy.

My brother surfing it up!

My mamma & I at my first Twins game! 
Mississippi River
Walleye Fishing with my Daddy on Mille Lacs

Racing Beater-X at ERX Motorpark!