Hey There, 2015


Exactly one year ago, I was a recent college graduate, anxiously pacing at my parents house while awaiting the arrival of a brown-eyed boy to our New Years Eve Party. We had one awkward meal at Applebees under our belt, and I was hopeful that the magic of New Years Eve (and a few glasses of champagne) would somehow make everything perfect. There was little conversation or eye contact that evening. It was far from perfect, but soon the most beautiful love would start to unfold.

“Life is a lot like that, we want it to be whimsical and perfect and everything to everyone but the truth is, the beauty comes in the real ness, the imperfections, the true and genuine love.” –Jenna Kutcher.

I received the greatest gift this year. A boy that shares my name, my dreams and loves me for who I am. We experienced some really rough stuff. We both lost our precious grandpas, and experienced the realness of adulthood. He put up with my after-work ramblings and my roller coaster of emotions as I wrestled with trying to figure out what this next phase of my life looks like. There was stress and sadness, but also the greatest of joy. We aren’t perfect, and our relationship isn’t perfect either. But we have a love rooted in¬†our Lord and Savior, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I’m not making any resolutions for 2015. Much is unknown, and I feel like I’m on the brink of a wave of change. This both excites and terrifies me.¬†Instead of resolutions, i’m going to focus on one word — Joy. Whatever life throws at me this year, I want joy to be the constant.

I pray that you had a blessed holiday, and that you feel as ready as I am to tackle 2015 :)




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