This Good Friday

Earlier this week I dropped my family off at the airport and tried my best to hold it together while they walked through the doors. You would have thought they were leaving for a three-month safari in the wilderness with no future communication, not a week-long trip to Sweden that will be over before I know it.
This Easter is going to look a little different. My family is thousands of miles away, and although I’ll be with loved ones here in Minnesota, it’s not the ideal situation. To make matters worse, my brother is in a hospital bed in Sweden with a bum knee, and my parents are sick to their stomachs because they’ve gone through this twice before.

Everything in me wants to be selfish today and feel sorry for myself.  I’m sad that I’m not with my family spending a happy Easter together. I’m angry that injuries have to happen to the most devoted and kind-hearted athletes that give all they have for Christ. But there are far more important things that my heart has been pondering. Today, 2000 years ago, my savior and King died for me. He paid the ultimate price for my sins. I am imperfect and unworthy of the gift he gave– but He, the spotless lamb, gave everything so that I could live in Eternity with Him.

My heart is somber and full of gratitude to my Jesus. The one who loves me and comforts me when I’m alone. The one who has a plan and a purpose for my life, even when things happen that hurt and don’t make sense.

I pray you feel love this weekend, and that you’ll give praise and thanks to the King who died for us. He is worthy of all we are. I want my life to be a sweet devotion to Him.



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