Let it Go.

Somewhere over South Dakota…

Over the past week, I’ve experienced more delays and frustrating scenarios due to airplanes than I thought humanly possible. What should have been a simple flight from Aspen to Minneapolis last week ended up being a two-day ordeal. We had flights delayed due to frozen bathrooms, lightening strikes and anything else you could think of. Oddly enough, as I write this I am stranded in a small South Dakota airport that doesn’t even have a decent gift shop. You can’t make this stuff up!

This has all left me with a lot of time on my hands.

On my flight to South Dakota, I was taken aback by the beauty around me. The sun was setting, and I found myself thanking God for his beautiful creation.

I wondered how on Earth pilots who see mountains and seas everyday could ever deny the existence of the God who created it all.
I prayed for the Moore family, who recently lost their son way too soon in a Snowmobiling accident. Though we don’t understand why, we know he is worshipping the King of Kings in a place more beautiful than we could ever dream.
And most of all, I reflected on the overwhelming importance of turning everything over to God — letting go and giving Him everything. 
Things happen that make us question God. I don’t understand his timing, his motives or reasoning for doing so many things in my life. I’m in a season where I honestly feel lost most of the time, and wonder what God is going to make of me.  But who I am to question Him? I am learning that often times, we are placed in situations for our betterment, even though it rarely appears that anything good will come out of it.

I am learning to trust in Him with everything. My Jesus Calling devotion this morning could not have been more spot on:

“The remedy is simple: Fix your eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen. Verbalize your trust in Me, the living one who sees you always.”

Lord, help me trust you with everything I am.

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